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Customer Spotlight: Dr. Bill Green and the T-ring

One of our customers and colleagues, Dr. Bill Green, was recently featured on a CNN news segment wearing his Laennec Medelita lab coat in our original fabric. Dr. Green invented the T-ring™, the latest breakthrough in digital tourniquet technology for any physician or clinician who treats digit or nail injuries. His segment on Net Worth (viewable here) shows the benefits of a bloodless field (without vascular compromise) for digit injuries using the T-ring. There are three commonly used methods to stop the blood flow from a lacerated finger: a Penrose drain, the rolled glove finger, and the Tourni-cot. A well-known complication of these digital tourniquets is neurovascular damage due to excessive pressure generated beneath the tourniquet. Previous studies have demonstrated that each of these three methods may exert pressure to the digit that exceeds what is generally considered to be safe; often the result of using the wrong size tourniquet or applying it too tightly. Contributing to the risk is the inability to safely monitor the pressure to alert the user when excessive pressure is being applied. Approved by U.S. Military and Government agencies, the T-ring automatically adjusts to any size digit. It applies safe non-direct pressure, cannot be over-tightened, and provides ideal wound visualization with immediate hemostatis. “As a hand surgeon, I frequently operate on the thumb or fingers for which control of bleeding is critical . The “T-RING” is an ingenious new product which I rely on to achieve both effective exsanguinations and to control bleeding. This device is simply slipped from the top of the digit to the base, and quite elegantly allows procedures to be done in a bloodless environment.” - Ross Nathan, M.D.