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Custom Logo Embroidery

"Even if you're recreating a logo, there's room to be artistic," says Medelita embroidery artist, David Saldana. In this month's Stitches magazine, our very talented embroidery artist discusses the thought, detail, and artistic consideration that goes into every custom logo we create. Check out the article to realize the incredible number of thread colors and time that goes into a single professional logo at Medelita. All of our custom logos are digitized in-house by David. Each customer provides a .jpeg of their logo, and David uses that as a basis to recreate it as an embroidered image. He rebuilds each logo from scratch, applying his decade of experience to add his own artistic touches – every single stitch is programmed by hand. In David’s words, “For me, it's in the play of light. Some embroidery artists think one dimensionally, but I like to try to make the light bounce off my designs. If you can control the light, it gives a whole different texture to the design. I want certain colors to shine and others not to shine when the light hits it at varying angles. I do that by manipulating the thread angle and the type of stitch I use. If you take a simple circle, for instance, most embroidery will be a straight stitch. I do that, but then I go back in and create an angled radius that plays with the light.” Our set fee for a custom logo is $75, and that includes the digitizing and embroidery, as well as one revision. Generally speaking, the changes required for a revision are often minor – a shade of color changed or certain lines thickened, etc… It’s very rare for a customer to need to pay an additional fee for extra revisions, and we do try to avoid it by communicating thoroughly throughout the process to truly understand your needs from the beginning. The cost of ‘perfection’, however, is something that we retain as the manufacturer. Much like our actual garments, we do spend more to attain a certain level of quality. As David put it, “It's the little details that set you apart. I don't skimp on stitches. A lot of people will pull stitches out of a design to save time or money, but I'll spend an extra dollar in thread to make a logo exceptional.” If you have any questions about custom logo embroidery or group orders, we're here to help. Contact us at 877-987-7979 or email us at