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Confidence Boosting Secrets

My mother is an avid collector of jewelry. She follows all the designers and is always sparkling from head to toe on any special occasion. During a recent trip to California, she gave me a necklace that I wore to the CDA Conference in Anaheim this past Friday. As I was leaving the Conference, I was approached by two women who admired it and asked me if it was Brighton. “I don’t know,” I said, “Probably.” They looked slightly horrified that I didn’t know, and I imagine they thought me a little unworthy of wearing it. I may not be jewelry savvy, but I, like many women, have a confidence boosting secret of my very own. For some women, it’s a Brighton necklace, a new haircut, or a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag…for me, it is high heels. I don’t wear them often (I’m fairly tall without them), but when I want to feel my best, nothing puts a strut in my step like a good pair of high heels. There’s something about the click of a heel that makes me feel empowered…if my life had a soundtrack, Pat Benatar would start to sing whenever I walked in heels! At Medelita, we put the utmost care and detail into creating lab coats and scrubs worthy of being a confidence booster. We empower women in the medical field to shed the unisex baggy uniforms and step into the comfort and sophistication of flattering garments designed and tailored for them. We hear all the time from our customers about how much attention they receive in our lab coats and scrubs. Most often, they’re asked, “Where did you get it?” Personally, I’m hoping that someday soon, that question will be “Is that Medelita?” (I also hope the person wearing it doesn’t say ‘I don’t know’!) When it comes to giving yourself an extra shot of confidence, what’s your secret?