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Choosing the Right Lab Coat for Men

A lab coat is a perfect Father's Day gift - a gift of pride and stylish sophistication. We currently offer four different men’s styles, all of them equally popular but intended/purchased for different reasons. Follow the suggested tips below to help you find the best style for your medical man. Height Men that are of taller stature, typically 6’1” and above look best in the Osler lab coat. Height is not the only requirement for this particular lab coat. It is also preferred by men who simply want a longer coat as a symbol of prestige and stature. This 44” lab coat falls to the knee and is tailored, sophisticated, and highly functional, including fluid & stain resistant fabric. The Laennec lab coat is our best selling lab coat, likely because it is the most traditional in appearance, and the average man is between 5’8” and 6’ tall. The Laennec lab coat is a 40” lab coat that looks extremely professional, with blazer like styling features and a perfect fit. Specialty Physicians and most clinicians prefer the traditional look of the Osler and Laennec lab coat styles. Dentists and dental surgeons prefer the dental specific Fauchard lab coat, although some OBGYNs also purchase this style as they, too, are often gloved and working from a stool. It is highly functional and extremely ergonomic in both a seated and standing position. Students and some dental professionals prefer the 30” Fleming lab coat, as a hip length consultation lab cat, either as a required length or a preferred length. Cuffs or No Cuffs? The Fauchard dental lab coat is the only men’s lab coat with cuffed sleeves, specifically designed to not come out of your gloves while doing procedures. The entire sleeve is ergonomic in both range of motion and exact positioning at the elbow, for a true position of function that results in no tension in any position. Buttons or Snaps? The Osler, Laennec and Fleming all have highly durable buttons that are triple secured, and these styles look highly professional both open and closed. The Fauchard has a snap closure to the neck, and looks best in a closed position. Single Back Pleat or Double Back Pleat? Most men don’t realize how important the back lower pleats are to both comfort and aesthetic. Similar to a stylish men’s blazer, the back of our lab coats have either a single back pleat (the Fleming, the Osler, and the Laennec) or a double back pleat/vent (the Fauchard). Both have an ideal length and positioning in order to maximize comfort and add to the overall sophisticated look of each lab coat. What Size? If you want the perfect fit for the lab coat, simply order the same size as you would for a sport coat or blazer. It’s that simple, and you (and he!) will be surprised by how tailored and professional a Medelita Men’s lab coat can look and feel. For help in choosing a lab coat style, determining proper size, or if you would like to inquire about custom logo or name & title embroidery, please call 877-987-7979 or email for highly personalized, professional service.