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Best Embroidery Colors for Men’s Lab Coats

Embroidery ColorsWhen Medelita was founded, our initial focus was on providing fitted and subtly feminine garment choices to female clinicians. However, it wasn't long before we discovered that men were equally unhappy with their frumpy unisex scrubs and lab coats. We were delighted to fulfill the male demand for high standards of quality, and Medelita Men's aims to be the answer for all men in the medical industry who want to look professional, sophisticated, and distinguished.

For the perfect finishing touch, we strongly recommend adding name & title embroidery to your lab coat order. Nothing looks more distinguished on a lab coat, in our opinion, than professionally sewn name & title embroidery. We often say that embroidery is the “icing on the cake”, and we believe it wholeheartedly. Embroidery allows for a sophisticated, polished look - it's the same as wearing your diploma – and for that reason, should look perfect.

While our customers often pick standard colors (like black) for their embroidery, we suggest 'out-of-the-box' colors that allow for a more upscale, professional look. In the interest of helping our male customers make the best choices for embroidery, I went to our CEO and Medelita Men's expert, Joe Francisco, to find out his preferred embroidery colors for men.

Cocoa - "Cocoa is rich and warm. It's strong, without being overbearing."

Charcoal - "Charcoal is a gun-metal gray that reminds me of high-end sports cars."

Storm Navy - "Storm Navy is a masculine, yet elegant blue."

Choosing a unique color, like Cocoa, Charcoal, or Storm Navy, allows your name & title embroidery to draw the eye of patients and colleagues as an especially distinguished display of your personal achievements.

Next time you're ordering, consider choosing one of these stunning colors for your perfect finishing touch. Please call us Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM, PST at 877.987.7979 if we could help you with your embroidery order.