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Behind The Scenes Of A Photoshoot With The Legendary Art Brewer

As with all Medelita garments, our scrubs are designed with the end user in mind. We know how much time our customers spend in their scrubs - which is why we make ours so comfortable and flattering, you could live in them. Our newest line of scrubs, launching this November, have set the bar even higher. 

We have been privileged to work with world-renowned photographer Art Brewer, a former student of Ansel Adams, who brought these one-of-a-kind scrubs to life in our latest photo shoot.

Art Brewer has worked with some of the most recognized names in the world – from Lance Armstrong to David Beckham to Derek Jeter and many more. Art has a gift for bringing his images to life in a way that transcends all languages and experiences. His photography is imbued with a unique vitality that has the ability to transport the viewer into the exact moment the shutter clicked. Considered to be the master of surf photography, Art is best known for his iconic works that capture the elusive world of surfing, spanning across multiple decades and cultures that most people would never otherwise get to witness.


Art’s love of photography began at the age of twelve, when a childhood friend let him borrow a camera to capture shots of him surfing. That innocuous day in the surf and sand launched a decades-long career that has taken him around the globe and allowed him to work on a number of notable projects. People are naturally drawn to his work, which has been displayed in major cities in almost every continent. His international workshops and lectures attract students enthralled by a chance to learn from the celebrated photographer.

Despite his legendary status in the world of action sports photography, Art is as humble as he is talented. What truly drives his work is his passion for capturing remarkable moments on film. As emphasized by those who proudly work alongside him, Art does not seek any recognition or accolades for his work. Yet his unassuming nature and sheer talent speak volumes for him. His gift for photography has earned him the kind of global recognition that opens all doors without him even having to knock. Those who are lucky enough to meet Art in person are left with an indelible memory of his quiet genius.

Medelita’s partnership with Art Brewer is founded upon our mutual desire to convey the ability of our garments to transcend traditional medical apparel. Medelita garments are meant to be lived in, worked in, and loved in – and this authenticity is precisely what Art captures in his photographs.

Art discusses some of his favorite projects from the past, including a book and documentary following the incredible life of Clark Gables' stepson

Art discusses some of his favorite projects from the past, including a book and documentary following the incredulous life of Clark Gables' stepson.