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A Poem For Holidays In The Hospital

T'was the night before Christmas; and all through the ward

Scurried poor night shift nurses who had no time to be bored.

There were so many patients suffering holiday ills

Those who ate too much turkey beyond the help of antacid pills.

All hands were on deck, doctors and PAs alike,

When in walked a fellow surrounded by light.

Sneaky Santa Claus

Bewildered by his condition, the staff knew not what to do.

But the man reassured them, “I’m here to take the burden off of you.”

It was non-denominational Santa! Disguised without his red suit.

But his beard was a giveaway, and he knew just what to do.

In the spirit of giving Santa gave the best gift of all:

He cured each and every patient inside the hospital!

Holiday Gift Boxes

The patients rose from their beds, their past ailments gone.

They rejoiced with the staff, they even burst into song!

The doctors, the nurses; the PAs and clinicians,

Turned to thank Santa with gratitude beyond recognition.

But Santa was gone, his mission complete.

His work here was done now all patients were on their feet.

On this one special night, every illness was cured.

All the pain and the suffering

Was gone from the world. 

Winter Snow Globe