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5 Simple Hacks to Look Put Together On Long Hospital Shifts

5 Simple Hacks to Look Put Together On Long Shifts | Medelita

5 Simple Hacks to Look Put Together On Long Shifts

Working those long hours at the hospital can be as exhausting as it is rewarding — but just because you don't work a conventional 9-to-5 doesn't mean to can't look and feel sharp.With a few simple hacks, you can look awake, refreshed, and put-together even if you hardly feel that way.

Here are our tips for looking put together, even on the longest of shifts:

1. Develop a routine

woman doing hair for her morning routine

Having a tried-and-true getting ready routine can help ensure you look put together and make you confident in your signature look. Find a no-fuss hairstyle or two you can always turn to (we know men have it easier in this department, but for women, try a sleek low bun or high ponytail — it’s hard to go wrong!) A simple makeup routine with hydrating products, like BB Cream and lip balm, will help your skin look refreshed and glowing.

2. Plan ahead to give yourself more getting ready time

man checking cell phone while drinking from mug

First, check the weather and your schedule to determine what you should wear for ultimate comfort. Will you need a scrub jacket — or just a short sleeve top? Make sure everything you plan to wear on your shift is laid out or already stashed in a bag, ready to go. This will save you some pre-shift stress and give you more time to prep your skin with moisturizer, do your hair, and make sure you have food and water for your shift. Remember to drink up while you’re working: Staying hydrated is also key to keeping your skin looking fresh, healthy, and plump.

3. Wear clothes that fit


This might seem like a no-brainer, but ensuring your clothes fit well and look flattering is a no-brainer way to instantly look more chic and put together. Scrubs and labcoats can be bulky, baggy, and uncomfortable, but they don’t have to be: A pair of fitted scrubs and a flattering women's petite lab coat you actually like can work wonders.

4. Keep that spine straight

Posture can take you from tired to professional quicker than you can blink — and others will take notice. Doctors recommend you can improve your posture at work with these simple steps:

  • Sit all the way back in your chair, keep your feet flat on the ground and use a pillow behind your lower back, if necessary.
  • When standing, keep your feet hip width apart and let your arms hang naturally. Walk with your shoulders back and chin parallel with the floor.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach. If you're a side sleeper, keep a pillow between your knees. If you sleep on your back, keep one under your knees.
  • Practice yoga or do a few back and core exercises a couple times a week to keep everything strong and stretched.

5. Choose shoes that offer style and comfort

You're on your feet all day, so your shoes should definitely be comfortable — but comfortable doesn't have to mean dull, clunky, or ugly. Depending on your personal style and your level of activity at work, look for a pair of simple and classic athletic shoes, loafers or flats. The key is making sure the shoes you like work for you. Podiatry Today recommends a stiff-soled shoe that does not bend or twist with stress, and the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington says inserts can also be helpful for those with low or high arches.

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