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10 Best Gifts for Residents & Fellows

Residency is an intense time – really intense. The passion for the work is high, as is the dissonant combination of pride and self-doubt. The field of medicine is not a casual career path but a choice to truly face life, death, and every stop in between on an hourly basis. Combine braving hours of human pain and bodily fluids with the intellectual rigors of constant education (with little food or sleep) and you get, well, life as a medical resident. Although it is a given that we are all grateful for their dedication and assistance, there are actually some tangible gifts they would also appreciate this holiday season.

Top ten gifts for Medical Residents & Fellows:

1. $100 Starbucks card – cause they’ll need it


2. Embroidered Lab Coat from Medelita (instant boost of confidence and professionalism!)

embroidery length on lab coat

3. On the go healthy snacks that can fit in a lab coat pocket:


4. Sanita clogs – great support for people on their feet over 2,000 hours/year. Now offered with non-skid soles and 15% off with discount code: comfyclogs

Sanita Clogs

5. 1 year worth of pre-paid dry-cleaning – make their life easier


6. Medelita gift card – the world is their oyster

gift for doctor

7. An airline ticket to the medical conference of their choice


8. A bike, or other encouragement to get outside on their few days off


9. Medelita Scrubs – super soft with high performance bacteriostatic fabric

Medelita Scrub Set

10. A hug